Dear lovelycakes,

Sorry for the abrupt closing to the forums. That wasn't a planned event, honestly. It was just that I was quite busy the last week or so and couldn't moderate the forums for a good period, and the trolls were being especially active. Originally, the forums were supposed to go back up after a few days when I had more time, but I just started thinking about the point of it. The post count was extremely low, new registrations were once every other month, for good reason and half the people posting on the site were simply trolls who didn't want to find a new place to slouch. Now that even more time has passed, I started to think I should give some sort of update. My adventure with Minecraft was long and exciting, but everything runs it's course. Every week I was spending less and less time on the website, or even thinking about it, I haven't actively played minecraft in probably two years now. I really do enjoy the community, but everyone I was closest with (mainly my staff), with the exception to Baga and Jimbo had all but left the site, and that hurt the motivation even further, but I believe we all greatly felt the same way about the situation. I have never been a big gamer, purchasing one game a year or less is very likely for me, so it was sort of strange running a general gaming website, albeit one that looked very much like the ghost of a Minecraft server. I would like to greatly thank all of my staff over the years, it truly couldn't have been done without all of you, naming names specifically would take too long but just know you have my undying appreciation. I don't know what the future of Kingscraft holds, but anything is possible. If I could magically remove all the trolls in the community, I'd likely bring the forums back up today but that's simply not possible. Again, I don't need to name names but you know who you are. Maybe more updates will come here in the near future, I really don't know. In the mean time, I have added a comment system to this page. (Sorry this page isn't more attractive, it's just an altered version of a site design I had for hosting plugin updates)

PS: I've been renting my own places for years.